Master Craig Metzger Director / Instructor

Master Craig believed that the students should be the focus, not the instructor. He developed countless state champions, numerous national champions, and a Junior National and Collegiate National team member. His competition team members have competed all over the U.S., including at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs,Co.

MasterCraigMetzger - Director / Instructor

The TCE team also went to Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands to compete in 2007.

Master Craig began training and competing in 1981 locally, and received his 1st Dan (Degree) Black Belt in 1984, through the World Taekwondo Federation in Kukkiwon Korea. He held the rank of Master Instructor with a 5th Dan Kukkiwon certification, and a 2nd Dan with the Chang Moo Kwan Taekwondo association.

Black Belts

Ms. Jamie Costello

3rd Dan

Ms. Tess Ehrsam

2nd Dan

Mr. Shawn Mara

2nd Dan

Ms. Kayleigh Hunter

2st Dan

Ms. Sydney Hill

2st Dan

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